The Australian Wildlife Sanctuary is a State Heritage Listed Property

The sanctuary is operated under the management of the Australian Wildlife Foundation Limited.

The Australian Wildlife Foundation Ltd was established to manage wildlife and conservation sanctuaries, with a high standard of care, compassion and ethics. Encourage and educate environmental conservation and cultural heritage whilst working for the long-term sustainability of wildlife and the environment.  

The Australian Wildlife Foundation is a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission. View our charity certificate by clicking here The Foundation is the holder of a Charitable Fundraising Authority - CFN26065

Message from the Managing Director and Founder of the Australian Wildlife Foundation, Brad Wilson













"This wonderful sanctuary has been committed to conservation of the natural environment, cultural heritage and educating the community and visitors for more than 55 years. 
First hand I know the value of this sanctuary to the community of the Wollondilly region and beyond and it is with great honour that the Australian Wildlife Foundation has been gifted the duty of managing the sanctuary well into the future to carry on the important work of Dr Thistle Stead [Harris] and continue to preserve the sanctuary as a memorial to David George Stead.

Our highly motivated and experienced team are ultimately working towards a bright outlook for the sanctuary and through implementing our Business Management Plan, Education Program, and Conservation & Heritage Plan we believe we will steer the sanctuary back to the original aims of  the founder.
I am proud to ensure that the legacy of the sanctuary founder, Dr Thistle Stead [Harris], is honoured by our efforts in conserving our precious natural environment and native flora and fauna for future generations to enjoy". 
Brad Wilson