Jack the Sugar Glider


The Sugar Glider is most active at night, sleeping by day in nests made of leaves in tree hollows. Groups of up to seven adults and their young may form a 'clan' and share a nest. Among their own clan they are playful and social but will defend their territory aggressively and noisily if threatened by other animals or approached by Sugar Gliders from a different clan. Dominant males mark other clan members and the territory around the nest with secretions from scent glands on their chest.


Sugar gliders have a twin membrane that stretches from their little finger to their hind legs. When fully stretched out in flight they act as a wing or a parachute enabling them to glide across open areas in the trees. They have another use for these membrane wings. When they forage they use them as pockets to collect food in to take back to their young.


One thing a sugar glider likes to eat is grasshoppers, so they are great buddies to have around your place.


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