Princess the Black-headed Python


The black headed python is instantly recognizable due to the namesake black head scales which extend 20 scales down the back. The rest of the body is coloured a creamy white, light brown or yellow banded with stripes of dark or orange brown running the length of the body.


The black headed python is a carnivore. Most of their diet consists of reptiles but they can also eat small mammals and birds. Most of their reptile prey is skinks but they can eat animals up to the size of a perentie (Australia’s largest lizard). They can also eat venomous snakes due to being impervious to their venom. Once prey is captured it is constricted using the coils of their body.


Due to their warmer habitat these snakes digest their food faster and will eat more frequently than snakes from colder climates.


Cost to care for Princess each year approximately $1200


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